Alberta Indigenous HIV Strategy & Action Plan

The Action Plan 2015-2020 was developed using a Medicine Wheel and includes Women, Men, Youth and Elders and actions related to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and health. Each level of action: Me, My Family, My Community, My Nation, has its own matrix of actions related to each Goal.

When looking at the Individual, Family and Community, the actions are in the form of questions because we are not intending to “Tell People What They Should Do” and prescribe one right way. It is our sincere belief that Indigenous people, families, and communities are the only true experts who can decide, design and lead any efforts at these levels. We have however, identified ways in which HIV/AIDS Service and related Organizations can provide support, enrich and strengthen their services, and create a space for the Indigenous community to participate fully in addressing HIV. As we moved to the level of the Nation, we evolved to a more macro-approach to focus on strategies related to policy, advocacy, and accountability.

This Action Plan is a living and growing effort that will be reviewed annually to measure progress, assess the effectiveness of strategies, and includes innovative ideas and strategies as they evolve. Only through commitment, collaboration, creating safe and trusting environments, and the strategic use of resources can we be successful. We invite you to join us on the journey, be part of the decision making and planning, and contribute your good thoughts, works, and prayers to leave of legacy of health for the next 7 generations.

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