It begins with me; I am an agent of change; what I do matters; I know my place in the universe. I know that ultimately, I must take personal responsibility for and control of my own wellness – this is my one and only life and only I can live.

Goal 1: Indigenous people in Alberta have access to culturally appropriate and safe HIV testing and treatment.

• Consider getting tested

• What information and support do I need to get tested?
• Do I know my rights regarding HIV and STI testing, including confidentiality?
• Do I know my legal rights to access culturally appropriate treatment?
• Do I feel safe to access testing?

• How would I feel if the test came out negative versus Positive?
• What support can I provide to those who test positive?
• What support would I need if I test positive?

• Do I have an Elder or spiritual support I can connect with who is knowledgeable about HIV?
• Do I need to increase my knowledge about HIV?

Goal 2: Indigenous people participate in decision making related to HIV policies and programs and take the lead in developing and delivering prevention and support services for HIV and related issues for Indigenous people.

• Do I know about and/or have access to prevention tools?
• What barriers to participation and involvement in decision making do I experience?

• Am I knowledgeable about HIV and other STBBIs?

• How do I feel about HIV and other STBBIs?

• Do I have access to cultural teachings about HIV and healthy sexuality?
• Do I have people I can talk to about HIV and healthy sexuality?

Goal 3: HIV services in Alberta are culturally competent, & culturally safe.

• What makes me feel safe?
• What can I do to increase the safety and security of others?

• What is my understanding of culture and what can I share to support culturally competent and safe services?

• What do I need to feel supported culturally?

• What does culture teach about wellbeing?
• What do I need culturally to engage in HIV work (protocols, teachings, etc.)?

Goal 4: Indigenous people living with or affected by HIV experience caring, supportive, culturally safe and culturally informed environments.

• Where do I feel safe, cared for, and supported?

• What makes me feel safe and cared for and supported?
• I can I help others to be supported

• What makes me feel supported?
• How can I help others feel safe and supported?

• What does cultural safety mean to me?
• How do I create and teach cultural safety?